At Monday (03.07.2017 - 13:00 GMT+3) our server undergoing on weekly server inspection. At below you can see the list of changes considered to be done with maintenance:

  1. Special trading will be added.
  2. Trade rates slightly will be increased.
  3. Main town will be set as Donwhang
  4. Missing dresses will be added to itemmal.
  5. sro_client will be updated due to 90-100 lvl skills appearing in skill tree.
  6. Town all chat time limit will be increased to 15 or 20 secs.
  7. Arena coins will be added to uniqs.
  8. BA match at 00:00 problem will be fixed and party matches will be added.

P.S. : More updates will be added to the thread until Monday.

For your information.

Best regards.