At Wednesday (12.07.2017) our server undergoing on weekly server inspection. At below you can see the list of changes considered to be done with maintenance:
  1. Holly Warrior Acc and Archangel Wing Helm trade problem will be solved.
  2. All chat time limit will be only available in the town (outside the tow you should click to the ground one time then type what you want otherwise you will get time limit warning)
  3. Sun items will be added to drops in a very very low luck rate. (Maybe you even cant get one after a month nonstop grinding, we are warning you the luck will be very low.)
  4. The amount of Arena Coins and Gold Coins for get sun items will be decreased.
  5. Job Temple will be added
  6. The system that we will reward unique rank winners every week will be enabled. (Reward will be silk, amount not specified yet.)
  7. Pot prices will be re-arranged.
  8. Bolts on Hotan npc will be removed.
  9. Problem wit Bandit Fw Towers will be fixed.
  10. Some missing avatars will be added.


For your information.

Best regards.


What was done with this update? :

1. Job Temple activated, you can teleport to Job Temple from Donwhang's teleport area.

- Sun item drop added to Job Temple Uniqs with a very low rate..
- Job Temple uniq spawn hours: (Selket, Neith = 17:00 - 03:00) - (Anubis, Isis = 22:00 - 12:00 )
- Between 5-15 Arena and Gold Coins added to Job Temple uniqs.

2. Prices of sun items on NPC reduced, current prices:

- Weapons: 7500 Gold Coin - 750 Arena Coin
- Shield: 3000 Gold Coin - 350 Arena Coin
- Gears: 2000 Gold Coin - 200 Arena Coin
- Accessories: 4000 Gold Coin - 300 Arena Coin

3. Uniq rank reward system activated. Those who settled first, second and third place in uniq rank every two weeks will receive the following awards:

- 1st 2000 Silk
- 2nd 1000 Silk
- 3rd 500 Silk

4. Bolt on Hotan npc removed.

5. Special trading rates adjusted.

6. Bandit fortress deactivated.

7. NPC Pot prices lowered.

8. Chat ban and acccount ban system activated for those who insult and cursing others on global chat.

9. Holly Warrior Acc and Archangel Wing Helm trade problem solved

10. Sun items added to normal drops with a very low drop luck.

11. Some missing dresses added.

12. General maintenance and performance tweaks applied.