The changes has been made by weekly server inspection is as follows:

  1. Global chat prices reduced from 150 silk to 100 silk.
  2. Holly Warrior Acc and Archangel Wing Helm trade problem solved.
  3. Due to grab pets stuck around their range reduced a bit. (its not guarantee that this solved the problem 100% but at least should be better than before)
  4. The problem with some items while selling to npcs shows different price but give different gold after the sale is fixed.
  5. Speed drug prices 25% lowered.
  6. Start pot amounts raised for beginners.
  7. The price of low dg sun items (7 dg and below) lowered.
  8. New 2 avatars added..
  9. General performance and some minor bug & exploit fixes applied / made..

What Considered To be Done But Hasn't Done:

  1. DW de job suit problem didnt fixed, we will take a look at it again later until then you should buy it from Hotan
  2. All chat limit outside of the dw town didnt fixed, we will take look at it again.
  3. There is and ads on dw map that didnt fixed because that would needed a huge uptade we will share a new media in order to solve that problem.

Soon Will Be Added:

  1. Duel system event. (Details will be sharing with you once we make the necessary tests..)

For your information.