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    [New] Black Pearl Online "Sunshine" 110 Cap Grand Opening 29/09/2017 | 20:00

    Server Details

    Level Cap 110
    Races Chinese/Europe
    Mastery Lvl 220/220
    Exp & Sp Rate 7x
    Drop Rate 3x
    Gold Rate 3x
    Job Rate 2x
    Alchemy Rate 2x
    Mob Spawn 3x
    Exhange Bug Fixed
    Academy Disabled [Honor Buffs can be gained with Job Points]
    Guild Limit 24
    Union Limit 2
    Union Chat Limit 24
    IP Limit 4
    Fortress War Sunday 20:00 (First will be held on 30th October)
    Available Fortress 3 Fortresses will be available (HT/JG/BD)
    Fortress War Registration Saturday
    Pill Bug Fixed
    Guild Penalty 3 days
    Job Penalty 7 days
    Plus Limit None
    Botting Allowed
    CTF Yes
    Battle Arena Yes
    Forgetten World Yes
    Holy Water Temple Yes

    Premium Specs

    Physical Damage Abp/Inc 10%
    Magical Damage Abp/Inc 10%
    Attack Rate 10%
    Parry Rate 10%
    Alchemy prob 5%
    Lucky 5%
    Str +10
    Int +10

    Start Scenario

    New players will start in a beginner room filled with Pumpkins. You'll need to drop "Key of World" to teleport to the real map.

    Start Items

    • 200.000 Skill Point
    • 100.000 Gold
    • 1000 Unit HP xLarge
    • 1000 Unit MP xLarge
    • 7 Days Grab Pet
    • 20 Unit 100% Move Speed Scroll
    • 15 Unit 100% Beginner Exp Scroll
    • 20 Unit Beginner Return Scroll

    Beginner Buff

    Beginner Buff Beginner buff will be only available for players who are just between 1-100 level. Upon reaching level 101, it will be deleted from your buffs. We think this buff will be really helpful because of the high spawn rate of the mobs. It’s also stackable with premium. There is no any restriction for that.

    Language Support and Event Checking Feature

    Black Pearl Online Team also realized the lack of language support considering our foreign players. In-game, when you press "A" key (Action Menu), these options will be available. You can select your desired language and all in-game notices will be in the language you've chosen.

    Using “Check Event Times” will provide you;

    - Unique Spawn times,

    - Battle Arena times,

    - Capture The Flag times

    Mob Rate & Slot Adjustments

    You know there is much problem with the spawn rates of the mobs in Jangan Cave. Black Pearl team has found a solution for this issue as shown the image below.

    You shouldn’t worry about the mobs while going to the last floor. You can just pass through them.

    Donwhang Cave Slotları

    Major changes
    Academy System: Academy Sytem: We think that there is a high competition in academy rankings and the new players who start later on the server will be at disadvantages on the ranking, so we brain stormed how we can provide a better competition environment for all players. And, we just removed the academy system. You might think of what will happen the academy buffs. We just added Honor Buff King as scroll into Special Shop NPC. You can buy this scroll for a job points. Yes, true. This will also increase the activity of jobs. This scroll is non-tradable.

    Immortal Stone Icon: As you and we know, there are players who deceive others by selling 1 degree immortal stones for easy gold. We took precautios against this by chaning the color of 11d immortal stone icon.

    Charmander Grab Pet: We know that some others servers also added these pets but since it makes the game colorful, there is no harm to try it right?

    Pikachu Grab Pet: It's very cute huh? Isn't it?. Pika-pi.

    In Black Pearl 110 Cap we used the skill system of Silkroad-R. Most of us think you are familiar with this system. But if it's necessary to explain again;
    Chinese Skill System: For our server Black Pearl 110 Cap we've implemented Silkroad-R's skill system. We know that most of Silkroad players are familiar with this system but it would be helpful to give you some basic info.

    • On Weapon tab every skill tree has its own mastery skill level.
    • On Force tab Fire, Lightning and Cold builds are combined into 1 skill tree.
    • On Recovery tab there is Force skill tree. And it will use as its own mastery skill level.

    Which allows you to make builds like Heuksal/Cold/Light/Fire or Cold/Light/Fire/Force nuker.

    Title System

    Title tablets are being sold in the Special Shop NPC. In order to become a title holder, you can check the following steps.
    Element List

    1-) Sphinx's Wing = 10 pcs

    2-) Horus' Rod = 10 pcs

    3-) Sekhmet's Glavie = 10 pcs

    4-) Nephtys's Staff = 10 pcs

    Also, you must have 1b Gold and 20 Green Pearls to buy the tablet title you like.

    It’s like alchemy stone system, but you will need these materials instead of elements(fire, earth, wind and water) for fusing the tablet. These materials will drop on the unique in Holy Water Temple.

    P.S.: It’s likewise for the Medusa title, but you will just hunt down Medusa Uniques.

    Fusing Title Tablets Guide

    NPC Adjustments

    There will be Special Shop and Gift Silk Shop Npcs in all towns.

    From Stable NPCs you can buy some attacks pets by game gold instead of silks.

    Herbalists tabs are readjusted as shown in the picture.

    Gift Silk Shop

    You can get Gift Silks from mobs as drops. With Gift Silks you can purchase the items on the NPC in the image above.

    P.S.: Gift Silk avatar dresses’ attributes are halfed. . This is only for Dresses that are purchased by Gift Silks.

    Special Shop Alchemy NPC

    Special Shop Egy Items NPC

    Battle Arena Script Restriction System

    Even though it’s known by few, there is a bot which can automaticly sign up you to battle arena even if the player is AFK. We are against any kind of abusive system as Black Pearl Team.

    How to Get Sun, Nova, Desturction and Power Items?

    Sun: You can get all 10 dg weapons, armors and accessories only by drop.

    P.S.: It's added to all 90-100 lvl mobs as drop.

    Nova: You can get all 11 Dg weapons, armors and accs from 101+ mobs as drop.

    P.S.: Nova items are going to be valuable in our server, so nova rates are adjusted a little hard, its not very easy to get them.

    P.S.: You also can get them from FGW optinally.

    Power: Power items are going to be most valuable items in our server. Currencies required to obtain these weapons;

    • Gold
    • Job Point
    • Red Pearl
    • Black Pearl
    • Arena Coin

    Desturction: Currencies required to obtain Desturction gears / armors;

    • Gold
    • Job Point
    • Red Pearl
    • Black Pearl
    • Arena Coin

    Myth Accessory: Currencies required to obtain Myth Accessories;

    • Gold
    • Job Point
    • Red Pearl
    • Black Pearl
    • Arena Coin

    Battle Arena: The AFK system, which dc players after a while inactivity is developed. You may join Battle Arena after reaching level 80.

    P.S.: It starts every 2 hours. It only works as Job Collision.

    Capture The Flag: Capture The Flag gives "Tropy" per kill. You can get Scrolls, HP and MP Potions which you may need for anything. You can cash these items from Event So-ok as 10 pcs packs. You also have a chance to get a job point scroll.

    Unique System

    Job Cave: Job Cave's mixed room structure prevents many players from job wars. We carried Job Cave to the Job Arena. We've implemented safe rooms (zones) for Traders, Hunters and Thieves. By spawning all uniques at their times in the middle of the field will be very entertaining. Thanks to this system we will see new strategies.

    Roc Mt. Salamander - Undine Gnome - Sylph

    They are randomly spawns at specific points as shown in the picture every 3-hour intervals.

    Medusa Entrance

    What Will You Get From Each Unique?

    Anubis - Isis - Selket - Neith

    • 10m Gold Bar

    • Silk Scroll

    • Job Point Scroll

    • Arena Coin

    • Title Elements

    Undine - Salamander - Gnome - Sylph

    • 10m Gold Bar

    • Black Pearl


    • 10m Gold Bar

    • Medusa Title Tablet

    Holy Water Temple

    • Green Pearl

    • Title Elements

    • Arena Coin

    • Job Point

    Red Pearl: You can get it from Special Shop NPCs by game gold.
    Trade System

    Only 7 slots are available in Pets. When you buy 7 stacks of goods it will be 5 stars.

    Trader; From Hotan to Jangan, you will be able to purchase goods that cost 105m and 14 job points. When you sell goods in another town, you will get 320m gold and 14 Job Points as profit.

    1 stack of goods price = 2 Job Point and 15m.

    P.S.: To be able to make trades, you must have Job Points. There are trade NPCs on Samarkand and Constantinople cities.

    Thief; When theives steal full stacks of goods and upon delivering them, they get 8 Job Points and 157.5m gold.

    Question: Won't there be an issue if traders destroy their own trades and collect goods with their theives accounts?

    Anwer: If they do this, they will lose 6 job points and only gain 52.5m gold profit. Which means they will sell their 6 job points for 52.5m gold plus waste their time and pet costs. So, it’s not profitable.

    Black Pearl Online Game Rules:

    Rules of our servers are as follows, in case of violation of the rules, we will perform temporary or permenant account or chat ban depends on the situation.

    Any kind of profanity and discourse regarding family, religious, political, racist, spiritual and sacred values is strictly prohibited on global chat.

    All actions regarding provocation and spreading false rumors about the server or server team members is strictly prohibited.

    It is forbidden for players who have decided on leaving the server to make item distribution events on the global chat and to make false rumors towards Black Pearl Team or server.

    It is forbidden to advertise other servers in the game and to encourage players to leave the server.

    It is forbidden gain unfair advantage or superiority by using exploits in the game. When you encountered any kind of issue, you are responsible to report this to Game Masters or any Management staff.

    Proxy usage is strictly prohibited. Players, who are determined to be using proxy, will be blocked permanently including their main accounts. Denunciations about proxies are not accepted, we will track and ban them by ourselves.

    All players are responsible for safety of their own accounts. Black Pearl Team does not take any responsibility in this matter and will not interfere in any way with such a situation..

    In case of forgetting any information about the game account (secret question, mail, password ...), game management will definitely not be interfered in any way, please do not have any requests in this direction.

    Cancellation or exchange of any product accidental or mistakenly received from item mall or npc will not be possible as long as the problem does not originate from us.

    We will definitely not provide any support regarding to the installation bot usage and bot problems, and the requests on this side will be ignored.

    Black Pearl Online reserves the right to change rules, add rules and remove rules when necessary.

    P.S.: In an important or urgent case please kindly contact us through our forum page or website by ticket system. The communication requests requested via the global chats in the game will be ignored.

    In-Game Events:

    Event 1: Share and Win facebook event, its details shared on our Facebook page. 10 players, choosen among Participants by raffle, will be given 500 silk.

    There will be more events shared with you in the coming days.

    Game Support:

    If you need further help, you can contact us via these channels;

    Facebook Page:


    Forum Page:

    Download Links:

    If you get any error while installing files, you should re-download.

    Link 1:

    Link 2:

    Link 3:

    Link 4:

    We hope you'll enjoy Black Pearl Sunshine Phase II.

    Black Pearl Team

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