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    B.P. Sunshine Maintenance 06.11.2017 - 22:30

    Server will be taken into maintenance at 06.11.2017 - 22.30. There will be a launcher update with the maintenance.

    Note: You'll have to update the game with launcher before you can login with a bot.

    Patch Notes
    - Added few free Avatar Dresses.
    - Added Survival Arena. Survival Arena will start at 10PM everyday (GMT+3)
    - Added Global Chat Block system. If you block someone's whisper (PM) from U window, you won't see that player's globals.
    - Added Global Chat Block entirely system. If you activate it through Action (A) window, you won't see any globals being sent at the server.
    - Added AutoLTP function. If you activate it through Action (A) window, your char will auto form ltps and accept.
    - Exp Event now works everyday. Scroll now lasts for a month.
    - Tracing while jobbing enabled back again.
    - Added Extra Exp Scroll to start items.
    - Added a security layer for some few new exploits.
    - Made some routine backup & maintenance.
    - Adjusted IP limit to 10 so everyone can form their own parties if they wish to do so.

    Kind Regards,
    Black Pearl Online Team.
    Mesaj sarkolata tarafından (06 Kasım 2017 Saat 23:31 ) değiştirilmiştir. Sebep: The title was translated into English.

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