Our server undergoing a mantienance on 06.12.2017 at 17:00 GMT +3 by Turkey time. The maintenance would last 1 hour apx.

Info: A patch will be applied to the game. After the maintenance completed please open launcher without bot and let it update the game, afterwards you can login via your bots.

Patch Notes:

- Various performance work done and some minor issues fixed.
- Original Roc System integrated. [Everyday at 22:30 by Server Time]
- Gambling system integrated.
- Fortress War Registrations enabled.


Original Roc System

As everyone already know it that everyone can collect what drops from the Roc. You need to make your strategies according to this.

P.S.: For to be able enter inside you need Roc Entrance Key.

Roc Entrance Key: You can buy it from Good's Seller Old Faiq Npc for 100m game gold.

Once you have bought the Key you can enter inside from the Roc Entrance.

What will you get from Roc? : 2 ~ 5 Chest might drop. Please be aware its really not that easy to kill the Roc.

P.S.: As it is on original version everyone can collect these drops.

Gambling System

You can gambling from Gambler Jack Npc that we have added to all towns.

Gambling Options

We've added +1 adv to the game with gamblig system and getting +1 adv's is only possible by gamling, there is no any other way.

Warning: You might get it at first try or at 100. try. Please do not complain if you dont get it easily you should know that its all about your luck.

How to Gambling?

Gambling Card: Get this card from Good's Seller Old Faiq Npc for 100m game gold.

Go to Gambler Jack NPC, select the option you want and you are done.

Consolation Prizes

When you lost what will you get?

Item Pcs
Global Chat 1
Random Elixir Random
HP MP +1300 5
Luck Stone 5
Grab Pet 3 days
Survival Arena Ticket 1
1 Haftalık Speed 1
Silver Chest 1
Golden Chest 1
Elephant 10

About Fortress War

Date: 10 December 2017 - 21:00 (by Server Time)

Registrations: 8 Decemeber 2017 - 20:00 ~ 10 December 2017 - 20:00 (by Server Time)