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    Diagon Online | 110 Cap | Ch/Eu Skill Balanced | Grand Opening 25.10.2019

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    official links

    Greetings everyone Ladies and gents,silkroad community of Elitepvpers
    • introduction & about, Diagon Reborn.

    We would like to introduce our server Diagon Reborn
    our community fresh and nice gameplay with alot of fun and amazing features,. Finally you and we are able to enjoy Silkroad as it was meant to be, without a mass of useless overedited features, but features which make the game the most enjoyable possible. There have been servers opened in the past which pretended to have Features which never worked or not as they should just attracted the community but lost it pretty fast during promises which have never been kept. On top of that there had been tons of Chinese Only Servers in the past

    We worked hard on it to make it the best serverWe are here to offer you the game you all have been wanting to see for a very long time. I believe that no server has truly had the Old School feeling that we all have been so eager to see Diagon Reborn
    is here to fulfill what others haven't been able to do, we have actively sought after the perfect balance between Old School & New Features.

    Our gameplay is mostly focused on promoting any action that has to do with jobbing and in general with any action that requires you to be active. Therefore we are discouraging botting. By botting all day long you will never be able to reach the top, since high-end gear can be obtained with some other ways.

    - Closed Beta | 10-10-2019
    Our closed beta phase started 3 weeks ago, only a selective few were able to test alongside us during this period.

    - Beta will start | 14-10-2019 Time 20:00 GMT +2 PM

    Our beta we give time to players test the server is one of the most important steps in our journey,We are trying to create a bugless server with ur help. As a players u can find any bug/issues while playing at beta version and we are nearly finished with the BETA

    - Grand Opening | 25-10-2019 Time 20:00 GMT +2 PM
    About grand opening we have choose that day to take our time to improve our systems and servers to introduce a lagless game play we be must sure for everything before we launch the server and we hope u like it,And for sure we accept any suggestions from u guys to help our system to be better and better

    Start item

    -Item stacks

    - EUR We increased inventories nvant to occupy much space in the area.


    we are help the players , we add from shop full set and wepon and accessory you can buy seal of star Plus +5 full blue stats 60% degree 1 to degree 10 system is working until degree 10 only. In other words, you'll not receive any higher items than degree 10.

    New Options

    Balance skill


    cold : Final Guard of ice +30 phy defance and ice air force 15 second
    fire: Clound fire force 15 second ,phy attack Flame Body Guard was %11 now %16, magdefancebuff : God Fire Protections was 380 mag attack now 430 +50
    lighting : Thunder phoenix Foce 15 SEC, MAG Attack: God-Piercing Force was % 19 now %26


    -Cleric Holy spell and Holy words power down
    Force can work
    Black Ress Deleted
    Bless Spell every 8 m can use
    warrior: Physical screen every 8 min can use Morale Screen every 8min can use , Ultimate screen every 8 min can use
    Iron Skin every 7 mincanuse
    Mag skin every 7 min can use


    Lucky Boxes give random 1 item.

    -New Title System

    We are make new system title name there you can find too many titls and you can We recognize that not all of you are into the same thing, that’s why we’ve added a variety of titles that you’ll have a hard time choosing from[ You can also choose the color by yourself ] .
    You can find the Titles NPC in near shop blacksmith donwhang

    -Character Wings Blessing

    giveing you

    -SoX System
    Seal of nova +3
    Egy A +5
    Egy B soon +7

    -How to get SoX?
    Seal Of Nova items from mobs 101-110
    Egy A Wepons from FGW
    Egy set A from shop for coins
    Shield from temple Uniques monster
    Immortality set from coins

    About Alchemy Rate

    Alchemy Rate is a bit difficult to make the game last.
    Rats are given as shown below.

    Daily Quests

    Roc Quest in day 1 times Drop12 arena coin 12 silver coin 8 gold coin (in your pt someone kill enougt)
    Medusa Drop 6 gold coin 10 silver 10 arena coin inday one times (in your pt someone kill enougt)
    Hunting Unique Quest 1 Kill lord,demon,isy awards: 2 gold coin 5 silver 5 arena
    Hunting Unique Quest 2 Kill tg,cerb,ivy awards: 2 gold coin 5 silver 5 arena
    Unique Hunting
    how to take the quests ? From Shop Daily Quests donwhang near shop Blacksmith
    by killing the normal uniques (Tiger Girl, Cerberus, Captain Ivy, Uruchi, Isyutaru, Lord Yarkan, Demon Shaitan) except the classic drops you will receive : second class elixirs, globals and reverse


    Arena Coin/Gold Coin /Silver Coin
    how to get coins ?
    -Arena Coin and Gold Coin and Silver Coin From auto events and jobbing and temple job and monster uniques

    Job System

    Jobbing system

    you will take gold 300m each trade 5 star and 2x arena coin to deliever or steal. who didn’t miss those cool Job-Wars? The fighting spirit you’d have when you want to defend your trade, or even if you’re the one trying to steal it is all we want, we want you to release your fighting spirit here

    Available Jangan & Donwhang & Hotan
    5 star trade Goods Buy 50M sell Jangan to dw: 150m
    jangan to Hotan 300M 2x Arena Coin
    Donwhang to Hotan : 150M 2x Arena Coin
    Donwhang to Jagan 150M 2x Arena Coin
    Hotan to Donwhang 150M 2x Arena Coin
    Hotan to Jangan 300M 2x Arena Coin
    Hunter get from trade 1 Arena coin per one trade (if in pt have 2 trader he will take 2x arena coin)
    Thief Get from Hunter : 1 Arena Coin From good 5 start get gold 50M

    The Wanted system is only active when your character uses Hunter, Trader and Thief suites. If you kill 10-20-30-40-50 characters without dying with your character, the system will automatically upgrade you to the next Hero Mode level. In order to get points in the Wanted system, you and the opposite character must be 90 levels. You can kill the same character up to 3 times in 24 hours, if you kill more, the system will not add you points.


    Survial Arena

    This is a well-known event, an event you don't want to miss! Fun is guaranteed, but be aware that there is a limit to the Silk and Coins you can get from each player. After the declaration notice appears, all you'll need to do is move to the Survival Arena using the teleport in Donwhang; you'll thereupon automatically wear a yellow PvP cape then proceed to start killing the enemy players! All kills inside count and for each last hit you land you will receive Coins And Silks. The top 3 players (kills-wise) are going to be announced and will also receive a bonus reward:

    Silk Scrolls

    We add system silk scrolls , many of you think that silk scrolls make the game Pay2Win, If you’re a good player, you can basically benefit from your experience to make good items for example and sell them for silk instead of having gold as your only choice. in the process! These scrolls will help you trade your silk for items or gold, the available Silk Scrolls are 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000

    Signature Event

    Support us by using our signature. All you have to do it to copy one of these two codes and use it in your signature, you will receive (100) silk as reward for supporting.

    10000 Silks to 10x Winners (1000 Silks each )



    �� 3x 1000 silk
    �� 3x Premium Plus
    �� 3x Full avatar
    �� 3x Follow pet


    1.)�� 1 Gaming laptop "Monster tulpar t7"
    2.)��10,000 Silks (10 Winners).
    3.)��10x(Winners) Reward Full Dress Avatar
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