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    CaptainAwesome - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)

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    05 Ocak 2010
    League Of Legends
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    CaptainAwesome's: Relaxed

    Cabal Codezero Private Server


    Greetings Cabalers,
    Cabal CodeZero 'Reloaded' is a High Rate New Classic Oldschool server besides offers most of the new contents,dungeons up to Episode 24 with regular-stable updates. As you know,we made an unique concept and features in Codezero before,ran the server for over than 1 year even without players.Then we decided to shutdown it since the gameplay was very unique and complicated for most of the community. Now we are coming stronger,more simple gameplay with many new up to date contents and features.We are keep going better and asking for your support

    Instead of release those new contents directly and make the players bored fast,we decided to update server contents time by time for a long term-fun server.

    ✔️ High Rates
    ✔️ EPISODE 8 to EPISODE 24 Content
    ✔️ New Dungeons pack up to Ancient Tomb,Labyrint,HolyWindmill
    ✔️ New Item,Character,BM3 Designs and Skill Animations
    ✔️ New Unique Mounts
    ✔️ Instant CR20,BM3,Unique Starter Set,Auto Boosted GM Buff on relog
    ✔️ BM2 Attack Modifier (Auto Retarget)
    ✔️ Orb/Crystal Staff Display Fixed
    ✔️ Flexible Farm Contents from Dungeons,Boss Raids,Wars
    ✔️ New Unique Custom Mercenaries
    ✔️ Farmable E-COINS in game actions,events and vote
    ✔️ Daily Goal System
    ✔️ Balanced Classes with reworked buffs/skills
    ✔️ Balanced PK/TG without overpowered items and amp scrolls
    ✔️ Total PLAY2WIN. No gears or any boosters for real money.
    ✔️ DDOS Protected
    ✔️ Custom Anti-Cheat System

    Sneekpeek Images of Some New Features


    -Exchange System-
    You are not strong enough? Don't worry, the Exchange Shop will help you,everything has a value in CodeZero. You can even farm lower dungeons and exchange your lower grade parts for higher grade parts.
    For Example: 3 Safeguard Medium = 1 Safeguard High, 3 Safeguard High = 1 Safeguard Highest

    -Boss Raid System-
    World bosses are another fun of cabal, but always top bosses have value since they drop last content parts.
    Instead of normal drop,we decided to make them drop some kind of Boss Special Item to exchange at our Boss Hunter Shop for valuable items.From Forgotten Ruin to Senilinea,you can hunt world bosses to gather Fire Eggs and get rewards.

    -Dungeon Point,WarExp,Entry Shops, for both PvE*PvP players-
    Guess Nothing Special there.Run Dungeons,Join Mission Wars and get rewards

    -Tpoint System-
    You are busy and haven't enough time for farming? Just stay ingame afk,gather Tpoints and feel free to exchange them for good rewards

    For More Informations, see you ingame and Discord.
    If you are looking for a fresh,classic,stable server; this the right place Let's make a great community there
    Highly recommended to join our 'Discord' server for informations,announcements,patch notes,guides and staff support.

    JOIN US!

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    Wuhanco - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)

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    17 Mart 2020
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    ilk oynadığım cabal private serverıdır.. hey gidi

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