After more than a year of hard work and late nights, we have finally finished Legaio Online!
We are so excited for everyone to experience all the hard work that we have put into the server.
We seen all the good and the bad that the silkroad private servers have seen. We have learned
from others, As well as ourselves, and created what we believe to be the most exciting silkroad
server yet . We have completely changed how the game operates, but keep the original feel of the game .
we have made the best elements of the game the priority. Old school players will love this server because
the focus is on trading, just like back on ISRO. Remember those epic trades across the server? we do too!

We, the Legaio Team, have added so many things to the game, but in a balance. We understand what
everyone is looking for, which is not a 2 month grind to max level... then grinding out the gear, which is
another 2 months... no we have made it so that leveling takes less long, but is not a time! oh and trading means
pvp.... all over the server.... Love to PVE? Well we have not forgotten about you. we have added multiple instances
that give you a range of things, including silk!

some things that we as a team have to stress is that this is a play to win game we are not here to suck all
the money out of every . we didn't like it in other servers, so we didnt make it as such. i mean we give you silk just
from playing the game .. what else can you ask for ?

Due to the amout of things that we have put in the game, below is nowhere near every thing we have added into
the server.they are just the major highlights. to combat this, we will be creating a mini Youtube series,
helping explain some of the elements of the game that aren't quite as easy to understand.

interersted? take alook below to learn about the different things we have worked on so hard.Our Beta have
been ended.. GET READY FOR THE ULTIMATE FUN !!!....

Question & Answers :

Why Degree 11 / Cap 110 ?

because many people are require 110 Cap server and here in Legiao we have created our server in a fully adapt to 110 Cap.

How big is the team ?

LegiaO SRO Crew is a team that consists of 3 people at the moment.

Our team experienced ?

Each team member has years of gaming experience, not limited to sro only. We decided to start this project and leave our very own mark in the history of Silkroad private servers.

How well we know each other ?

gameplay. All the features that we added solve the lone purpose,

How we all decided to open the server and why ?

We have decided to open the server to make an extraordinary server with a great deal of interesting and new features,

How long you been working together ?

we started in the past and we back to work now again.

Do you trust each other ?

we work with in our practice have feelings of mistrust when it comes to facing day-to-day challenges. In The Science of Trust

What is our goals & what we are looking for ?

Our goals describe itself in this points that we are looking for excatully to let the player enjoy his time.

Why we are looking for the Stability ?

Because the stability is the main reason to let the player enjoy the server and them times also its the reason that decide to any server to continue

Why we are looking for Fair-play ?

Because its the secound important thing that the player is looking for

24/7 Online support
Why we are looking for support the player all the time ?

Because the player is important for the server , so the support for him will improve the server , so you will always find at least 1 of our team member online at our discord.

Choosing best Hardware
Why we choosing the best hardware ?

by choise the best hardware you will be in the safe side to gain stability that the player are looking for.

Server Information

Starter item's

Legiao Map

Silk Per hour & Silk Drop

Yes we have Silk per hours, also we have a silk drop from monsters

Silk Shop

This Side of shop actually has many useful items that will help the player to be in the safe side of getting scam by someone , for example this scroll its help you to change your normal silk to scrolls to sell it in stall !

For another example : this scroll is maded too to help the player to be in the safe side of getting scam by someone , for example this scroll its help you tochange your normal gold to coin for insurance if someone like to scam you, !

Quest Tittle

Quest titles from npc at alex town is maded too to help the player to get his own tittle for free to admit to him after we had made the silk scroll drops and silk per hour , to tell him that our goals is let him a 100% PLAY2WIN and to be sure that the donate is so much limited in a close things so it will let him to enjoy his time without donateing because we are play2win

Item mall for silks

Weapon Glow Max Plus (+12)

Auto Equipment items

we admit that the auto equipment is too much important for the player to let him enjoy his time aswell so we are decide to help him aswell to enjoy his time by adding the AUTO EQUIPMENT ITEMS to our System , Also we add the normal items Degree 11 Weapon/Set/Acc Eu/Ch in 2 town ( jangan & alex ) in cause off any issue will happend from the auto equipment

New/Old Avatar's

Title & Remove scroll

STR Unique's Places

INT Unique's Places

1. Honor system: From Trade system

2. Item change scrolls:

These scrolls can change the weapon or gears to another type. Example if you have heavy armor and want protector use the protector scroll
The same idea for the weapons.

3. 18. Scrolls:

• Adv.Remove scroll
• Remove job / guild limit scroll
• Instance re-entry scrolls
• VIP scroll
• Change name scroll
• Skill reset scroll
• Stat reset scroll
• Remove Durability
• Pet rename scroll
• 50k Skill point scroll
• 1 mill Skill point scroll
• Premium remove scroll
• Devil blue scroll
• Devil Gender switch scroll
• Silk scrolls 5, 10, 100, 200, 500, 1000, silk
• 90 different titles scrolls lv1, lv2, lv3, Zerk

4. Anti Cheat systems for Job

Job Temple, HP MP lock. And third party detect systems. And many more things.

5. silk system:

There are 5 ways to get silk in the game.
1. Job point system
2. Killing Unique's - Check the website under ranking tab in (Unique's Silk per Kill) for how much silk and future events.
3. Unique's Point System - At the end of each month. The top 3 players will receive, First place 1500 silk, second place 1000 silk, third place 500 silk.
4. Botting in monsters.
5. Donate.

6. New Password Lock System:

This system will lock your gear with a password of your choice.
Cannot sell, drop or trade the item unless you know the password to unlock it.
How to lock your item? You send a chat to the locking bot and it will show examples how to set a password in Private chat.
Example: Put the item in the first slot and send to Lock in chat ($Lock Lock:YOUR PASS) you will be teleported and your item will be locked
You will know when the item is locked, You will see a lock symbol on the icon and the title on the item will say on it (LOCK)
To unlock the item ($Lock UnLock:YOUR PASS)

7. Battle Arena

Battle Arena takes place 12 times a day, every 2 hours starting from 00:00.00.
Battle Arena Event Duration : 15 minutes.
You will get disconnected if you stand still in Battle Arena. (AFK Kicking).
You can not use res skills in Battle Arena event. (Anti-Cheat).

8. Capture the flag

Capture the flag takes place 12 times a day, every 2 hours starting from 01:00.00.
Capture the flag Event Duration : 12 minutes.
You will get disconnected if you stand still in CTF. (AFK Kicker).
You can not use res skills in CTF event. (Anti-Cheat).